Scope Fluidics extends cooperation with Clairfield in order to receive support in raising capital for the development of the BacterOMIC project


Scope Fluidics – a biotechnological company listed on NewConnect, owner of innovative medical diagnostics projects, has expanded its cooperation with its strategic M&A advisor – Clairfield Partners LLC. The advisory firm will support the Company in obtaining capital for the BacterOMIC system. The Company prefers a scenario in which it would attract a financial investor interested in taking up shares in its subsidiary company which directly manages the project.

The expansion of the cooperation agreement with the advisory firm is due to the acceleration of work on the BacterOMIC system. Clairfield’s main task will be to identify potential investors who would be interested in joining the BacterOMIC project at its current stage of development. It is the Company’s intention to obtain a part of the project financing (own contribution for the grant of ca. PLN 4 million) by way of the new investor taking up new shares in Company’s subsidiary entity, Bacteromic Sp. z o.o. Scope Fluidics is planned to retain control over the subsidiary.

The need to raise additional capital for the BacterOMIC project at this stage is linked to the planned acceleration of the work schedule. The solution we are aiming for would be to attract a foreign investor who would acquire some of the shares directly in Bacteromic. In our opinion, thanks to this we could count not only on financing the development of the project, but also on the support in the process of its commercialization, says Szymon Ruta, Member of the Management Board and Chief Financial Officer of Scope Fluidics S.A.