Scope Fluidics begins first tests of the BacterOMIC system


Scope Fluidics – a biotechnological company listed on the NewConnect stock exchange and an owner of innovative medical diagnostics projects – entered into cooperation with the National Medicines Institute (NIL). The aim of this cooperation is to conduct the first tests of the BacterOMIC system on clinical isolates of microbes strains. Tests of the device and the chip, and also the panel of antibiotics, conducted as a part of the prototype evaluation stage, aim at verifying system’s functionality.

Tests of the BacterOMIC prototype are preliminary trials, and their main goal is to determine which components of the system should undergo further optimization. The BacterOMIC system will be tested by experienced NIL staff specialized in laboratory diagnostic works. The product validation is planned to be completed in Q4 2018.


– Cooperation with the National Medicines Institute makes it possible for us to test a prototype of the BacterOMIC system and to work on antibiotic sensitivity. NIL conducts scientific research, i.a. in the field of microbiological expert opinions and genetic analyses – this complies with the intended use of the BacterOMIC system. Moreover, NIL has a rich archive of microbes strains, on which we’ll be able to test our first panel for identification of antibiotic sensitivity. The tests will provide us with more information on the usefulness of the entire system and let us tailor the product to end user’s needs – says Prof. Piotr Garstecki, co-owner, key shareholder and CEO of Scope Fluidics S.A.

The BacterOMIC system is the second project, after PCR|ONE, developed by Scope Fluidics. BacterOMIC addresses one of the world’s greatest health threats – the drug-resistance of bacteria. The system will allow for simultaneous testing of all antibiotics recommended by CLSI and EUCAST. Reliable results are system’s great advantage – the BacterOMIC tests always render a full antibiogram.

In mid-July 2018, Scope Fluidics filed an application with the European Patent Office (EPO) for protection of the technology used in the BacterOMIC system – a method of data collection and analysis which allows for rapid detection of the antibiotic concentration level that hinders bacteria growth. This application, together with two other applications filed in March 2018, constitutes a set of legal measures which protect the key technologies that are BacterOMIC analyzer’s competitive advantage over other diagnostic systems.