BacterOMIC takes antibiotic susceptibility testing (AST) to the next level
by offering quantitative evaluation of all clinically relevant antibiotics
and identificaton of synergistic pairs of antibiotics

The system uses the most trusted microdilution AST, combined with cutting-edge microfluidics to provide unprecedented information density on a single disposable panel. Our technology delivers the first fully comprehensive test – a single panel contains up to 80 clinically relevant antibiotics, or up to 20 checkerboard combinations of antibiotics. For each antibiotic BacterOMIC provides a true MIC value.


Bacteromic uses the combination of cutting edge microfluidics, detection, data analysis and automation to offer unprecedented information content, throughput, ease of use with virtually no barier to adoption


  • Properietary network of incubation microchambers
  • All-in-one cap and sealing technology
  • Best-in-class ease of use

Detection & Data Analysis

  • Two methods of detecting bacterial growth
  • Custom signal and data analysis solutions
  • Real-time reporting for MIC and FIC results in the shortest time possible

Fully Automated Testing

  • Analysis of up to 60 cartridges
  • Random access
  • Simplified manual workflow

640 isolated microchambers, each containing
a different antibiotic environment

Analysis of up to 60 panels in parallel,
with random access

Patents pending:
EP 18189593.9
WO 2019/185885 A1
PL 425107

Recorded signal from incubation chamber
and classification of recorded growth curves

Patents pending:
EP 3597768 A1
WO 2020/016200 Α1

Patents pending:
EP 18189586.3
WO 2019/185927 A1
PL 425106

BacterOMIC signal analysis

During incubation, signals from each chamber are classified as positive or negative using PCA analysis

Sample loading


Signal detection

Classification of growth curves
Real time reporting
of results


the first automated system that tests all clinically relevant antibiotics in a single test

the first system to test multiple antibiotic combinations to identify synergies effective against AMR

compliance with EUCAST and CLSI guidelines

same workflow and pricing as existing products

BacterOMIC brings value to all shareholders in the AMR challenge:

  • Laboratories
  • Hospitals
  • Patients

Minimum barriers to adoption

Fully compatible with traditional workflow in central and hospital labs

Isolated bacterial strain

Monocultural bacterial suspension

Transfer of suspension into the cartridge

Closing a cap

Placing the cartridges
in a rack

Placing the cartridges rack in automated filling device

Filling up to 10 cartridges at a time

Transfer of filled cartridges into the analyzer

Fully automated analysis of up to 60 samples

Best in class ease of use, compatible with standard microbiology workflows

Competitive pricing

Intuitive software with real-time reporting


Universal panel

  • up to 80 antibiotics
  • true MIC for every antibiotic
  • automatic susceptibility classification

Synergy panel

  • up to 20 combinations
  • FIC for every combination
  • automatic combined effect classification