Doctors do not have access to sufficiently broad AST information to order effective, precision antibiotic therapies in a large fraction of hospitalized cases

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**AMR in G7 Countries and Beyond, OECD 2015

Clinical need

Antibiotic treatment is only effective when bacterial pathogen
is susceptible to the drug.

Precise treatment of MDR (Multidrug-Resistant) pathogens require precise AST information about as many antibiotics
as possible.

In worst cases, they require information about synergistic action of pairs of antibiotics.

Lack of efficient information

While there are close to a hundred antibiotics availible clinically, testing all of them manually is practically impossible. And most automated systems offering the inexpensive (5-10 USD) tests include only qualitative information about a subset of antibiotics.

Effective testing of pairs of antibiotics is currently not availible.