Clinical case

27 year’s old Italian with pneumonia

Day 2: results back from automated AST No effective antibiotic found

With a proper diagnosis treatment could be 22 day shorter and healtcare system could save 3700EUR (215 EUR/day)

Why hospitals do not run complete ASTs?

For local cost optimization
For each new hospitalized patient with bacterial infection there is still an approximatelly 80-90% chance that
a simple (<10 USD) test will suffice in guiding the treatment. More comprehensive tests are mundane and prohibitevely expensive. As a result the hospitals decide to execute additional tests only when empirical therapies fail.

The need

Full information within the existing pricing system
In view of the large fraction of MDR infections, the dynamics of AMR epidemiology and huge costs associated
with extended treatment and complications, the hospitals urgently need an automated AST system offering complete susceptibility information, while fitting the current workflowand pricing system.

Day 2: ALL antibiotics tested