About us

Bacteromic has been accelerated
by the Scope Fluidics Group

BacterOMIC has been accelerated in the Scope Fluidics Group (www.scopefluidics.com). The Scope Fluidics Group develops technological projects for medical diagnostics and healthcare. The strategic goal of the Group is to generate profits as a result of sales of independently developed technology projects for global manufacturers of medical devices. The Scope Fluidics Group provides developed projects with financing, access to laboratories and workshops, and crucial administrative facilities and services.

Management board

Prof. Piotr Garstecki

In 2002 he obtained his PhD in Chemistry from the Institute of Physical Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Between 2002 and 2005 postdoctoral fellowship with prof. George Whitesides at the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, Harvard University. Full professor since 2014, coauthor of over a hundred scientific publications, and over a hundred patent applications.

Marcin Izydorzak

Chemist, specialist in the physical chemistry of materials and in photo- physics. 15 years of hands-on experience in the management of research and development teams in pharmaceutical and technological companies. 10 years of experience in the management of R&D projects; has managed the development of a number of marketed pharmaceutical products.

Szymon Ruta

Graduate of MBA studies at the University of Warsaw. Executive with over 15 years of experience in mergers, acquisitions, investment and restructuring projects. A board member – finance director and a supervisory board member of numerous companies, including companies listed at Warsaw Stock Exchange. As a managing director in an investment fund he was responsible for companies with total value of 125 million EUR.