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First fully comprehensive AST
True MIC values, all the antibiotics, always.

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Our mission

In response to the imminent global threat of antibiotic resistance BacterOMIC technology delivers the first fully comprehensive AST panel. One panel that probes all the clinically relevant antibiotics, provides true MIC values and probes all clinically relevant mechanisms of resistance. All for the fastest access to informed targeted therapies.

Antibiotic Susceptibility Testing

True MIC values for all antibiotics in every run


Microdilution culturing is the most reliable and informative method for Antibioitic Susceptibility Testing. We use this golden standard reference method in combination with our proprietary microfluidic technology to deliver the most comprehensive AST panel in the most trusted and informative format.

All the answers every time – one panel for all clinically relevant bacteria and antibiotics.


The BacterOMIC system comprises an automated analyzer that can process up to 60 panels in parallel, each covering a complete AST and identification of resistance mechanisms.

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We are accepting applications for an early access program. Send us an email and we will contact you.

Full compliance with all the recomendations
of both EUCAST and CLSI.

About Us

BacterOMIC has been accelerated by Scope Fluidics. We are a team of expert scientists and engineers and we take advantage of Scope’s infrastructure and experience in developing revolutionary systems for medical diagnostics.

We are grateful to the Foundation for Polish Science that co-funds the development of this system and to our research partner, the Institute of Physical Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

All the information about MICs, antibiotics
and mechanisms of resistance in one panel.

Clinical consultants

We have a wide and growing network of clinical consultants in Poland and abroad. If you are interested in learning more and sharing your clinical insight, please contact us.


As our team is dynamically expanding,
we are now looking for:

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Procurement no 1/2018 regarding the services of a patent attorney
- Information about the results of the procurement.

On May 30th 2017 Bacteromic signed an agreement with the Foundation for Polish Science for realization of the project within the TEAM-TECH program. The project “BacterOMIC – development of systems for comprehensive information on antibiotic susceptibility of bacteria” is realized in a cooperation with the Institute of Physical Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

Research conducted within the BacterOMIC project focuses on antimicrobial resistance in bacteria. The aim of the project is to develop an automated diagnostic system which, taking the advantage of a microfluidic technologies, will provide the most comprehensive information about susceptibility of a microorganism to a wide portfolio of antibiotics and their combinations. Another part of the project concerns high-throughput microfluidic screening system for searching a new combination of the antimicrobials. Total value of the project is 4 086 513 pln and a public subsidy is 3 696 201 pln.

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